The Future of Work is Right Now: Meet QuantumWork

By Steve Parker

Hi, I’m Steve Parker. It’s a pretty exciting day for the Charlotte team, as we officially opened up QuantumWork for general availability today (click here to read the official press release).

Of course, this news is a little bit surreal, too – the culmination of the many months it’s taken to turn QuantumWork from little more than a few notes on a whiteboard to a powerful platform that’s not only a robust initial release but one that will continue to rapidly evolve.

I know I’m probably a bit biased, but I’m really proud of the technology we’ve built, and even more proud of the team responsible for taking a leap of faith and rolling up their sleeves to turn an idea – maybe more of a vision, really – into a reality.

I’m not just saying that – from our data science leaders to our product teams to our program managers, QuantumWork proves its basic premise: that when you have access to top talent and can match the right talent with the right opportunity, the world of work works a whole lot better for everyone.

Every day, my job is a great reminder that work (and life) is easier when you hire better. And while I can’t say building a platform more or less from scratch in a couple of months was by any means easy, the fact that it was possible at all is a proof of concept for the platform we’ve been building together.

Here’s the thing: a couple of months ago, we were nothing more than a logo, a high concept and me, sitting at a borrowed desk buried in the back of an office a thousand miles or so away from most of my colleagues and coworkers.

When Allegis Global Solutions told me that they were expecting QuantumWork to function as a true startup, man, they weren’t lying – once the plan was approved, we were given the green light to build the proposed product, and then it was time to just figure it out if we’re being honest.

The reality – I was bit nervous, and unsure – at least at first, but, I like to focus on outcomes, impact and enjoy a challenge so this was definitely where I wanted to be.

Once we started hiring for our team, however, I admit I went from cautious to confident pretty quickly. That’s because while everyone brought something different to the development process, we all bought into the same vision. It’s a simple one, really: to help make recruiting the right talent at the right time for the right job more efficient and effective for employers everywhere.

We get it – after all, I had to hire architects, developers and data scientists in Charlotte over the past few months. I’ll be the first to tell you that there’s more competition, fewer qualified candidates and more open roles to fill than ever before. That’s why getting total talent right is more important than ever before, too.

Whether you’re one of the multinational employers we’ve traditionally supported at AGS, or a startup that’s looking to hire the world-class team required to build a world-class product in world record time, business success comes down to hiring success. I know it’s kind of trite to talk about people being our greatest asset – and it’s not even totally true.  In the knowledge economy, they’re really the only asset that matters.

No pressure.


This is where QuantumWork comes into play. That’s because filling your jobs is our job. We built our platform to solve real hiring challenges, not to create more complexity for candidates or talent teams. We believe in the power of technology to transform the way businesses hire, and we believe in the power of people to transform the way business gets done.

Here at QuantumWork, we believe that total talent should be about getting work done, not getting reqs filled.

We believe that true talent can’t truly be classified, and we believe that the impact of individual workers on your business and the bottom line is more important than the titles on their business cards.

Most importantly, we believe in the power of people to power our organizations forward today, and tomorrow. We believe that talent is the only true competitive advantage every company has and that the only way to win in business is to be the best – and the best work only happens with the best people, no matter where in the world of work they happen to be working.

We believe in the power of high tech to power high touch, and we believe that no matter how good software or the system might be, total success at total talent is impossible without having the right processes and people in place, first.

Which is why we believe that with QuantumWork, the future of work is right now. All the talent you need. All in one place.

Well, believe it.


I know what you’re thinking. But trust me, I’ve spent enough time looking at enough HR Tech to know that this isn’t just another product, because, well, QuantumWork was built to address a market need, not as a “me too” sort of solution where there are already plenty of options to choose from.

Nope. We’re sort of different. We don’t come from Silicon Valley. We’re in Charlotte, home of banking and BBQ. We aren’t building a product for investors or for shareholders. We’re building it for the end users responsible for sourcing, recruitment and hiring.

We’re not building it for a professional niche or specialized vertical – we’re building it to work across every workforce, for every worker, anywhere in the world of work. Our roadmap is motivated by our team’s experience in the talent trenches, and we’re building the product we and our client want, not a company that we’re trying to sell.

That makes us unique from most startups. So too does the support of Allegis and their unparalleled talent intelligence and global recruitment expertise.

We don’t mind not being the typical startup – in fact, we believe taking a different approach than the rest of the market is one of our primary competitive advantages.

After all, we’re not AI. We’re not big data. We’re not a VMS, or an ATS, or a CRM. We’re not an HCM, either. And no. We’re not some fancy point solution for sourcing, and we’re not the silver bullet for employer branding.

That’s because QuantumWork is a new kind of platform for a new kind of worker and a new world of work. We don’t fit into a category, and we’re not easily classified – just like the workers you’re trying to hire. The results speak for themselves.


Just like a search engine uses an algorithm to guess which websites are the most relevant to users, QuantumWork combines millions of external and proprietary data points with your company’s historical hiring data to return the candidates that are the most relevant to you.

Because we index all data from all forms of talent, QuantumWork provides highly personalized results to help you find not only the most relevant candidates, but also, the ones that are the likeliest to succeed based on actual data specific to your company, industry and job function.

A visualization of the QuantumWork Core. All your talent, all in one place.

With QuantumWork, you get one single view of talent, without having to switch between point solutions and without the inordinate time, expense and threshold for pain required to survive most implementations or even integrations.

QuantumWork wasn’t built as a system of record, and is designed to augment and enhance, rather than replace, your existing technology investments. We seamlessly combine all the people data from all private and public systems to create a single view of talent that makes it easy to see, search and select the best talent available across all your systems. After all, you can’t see the big picture with the small view of a single system or solution.

And when it comes to hiring, that’s the bottom line.

Recruiting is everyone’s job. We think it’s time we gave everyone the tools to do that job as effectively and efficiently as possible.


QuantumWork alleviates the burden of sourcing, manually shortlisting and identifying qualified candidates from sea of profiles that aren’t a fit. Recruiters and talent managers will have more time to do what they do best, the human elements of recruiting.

Screening, slating or identifying qualified submittals is more effective with QuantumWork. That means you can stop losing candidates and start extending offers – early QuantumWork users reduced time to fill by an average of 65%.

That might sound impressive, but with hiring and talent managers able to see candidates for open roles in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks, it not only saves a lot of time, but a lot of hiring headaches, too.

It’s important to remember that today’s launch isn’t the end, but just the beginning for QuantumWork. The real work starts now that we’re dealing with real workers – but from our robust (and aggressive) roadmap to our premiere marketplace partners to our (growing) team, we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the future. The journey is just beginning, and we hope you’ll join us along the way.

After all, QuantumWork makes fit happen. We’ll get your fit figured out, too.